Global site, considering multivendor

We are setting up a new global site, and we are considering using CS-cart for this.

After looking further into the multivendor option, and playing around with a demo site, i need to ask if what we are trying to do is even possible.


-Customer types in url, then is directed to a landing page where he is able to choose country (custom site ofc).

-Upon choosing country, customer are taken to the correct vendor (different countries needs their own order system as they are operated by distributors)

-Customer gets the local shipping methods and payment options for his country.

The above is what i would like to have happen. After trying out the demo site, it seems the customer would have to manually choose his local vendor, then find the products in a search box… If he was to use the menus on the storefront, the order would be placed with the parent company.

I know localiced content can be made through localization (have worked with cs-cart for 3 years on another shop), but its important that the purchase does not end up with the parent company.

I was also looking at the Ultimate edition, and by the sound of it, that is more what we are looking for, but from what i can tell, all orders would be gathered in one place. To make sure the accounting side of things will work out, gathering them all would create a huge mess.

Have you considered individual, totally seperate, multiple installations of the single store version? Then you could create a landing page allowing for direction of your visitors to their related geographic vendor giving complete seperation for order management and accounting responsibilities.

I guess it really depends just how much seperation you are looking to achieve?