Global options

I have some global options to my products.

Today I wanted to remove some of the options from just 1 of my products as this particular product doens come in those colours anymore.

When I disabled the GLOBAL option in the PRODUCT details page it disabled it in all the other products aswell.

??? not right surely.


They probably should not allow disable of global options that are linked in the product details. But since it is probably a “linked” global option, I’m assuming you were affecting the ‘base’ option and hence it was inherited by all the children.


I saw this myself and put in a bug report:


I guess it’s not a bug, I just did not understand how it worked when I deleted a global option at the product level and ended up deleting it from about 30 products.

What I do now is disable the Global Option at the Product Level and this does what I want, even though it still shows as an option.


When I disable global options in 1 product it disables them in all. Surely this isnt intended this way.


[QUOTE]But since it is probably a “linked” global option[/QUOTE]

Johnbol1, as tbirnseth mentioned above, the key detail to watch for is if the Global Option was setup to be “Linked”, if you unllink these options then then other products using these options will not be effected.

(This little detail caught me by surprise a while back as well!)

And I do think it’s a design flaw… You should have to go to the Global option to:

  1. change the status
  2. change any properties

    You should just be able to link it (hate that term) to the product and delete it from a product in the product details Options tab.


Yeah I tried it on the demo site but wont allow it.

I did it on mine and yes it seems they are linked, I could have sworn they wernt as I dont remember applying any as links,but they must have been cos when I changed them to independant they were fine.

I suppose they do need to be recpricol as if the parent changed it wouldnt know what to do with the child if the child had been altered.



Has the behavior for linked global option changed since 2.0.11?

If I delete a linked global option at the product level, is CS-CART still going to delete the linked global option from all products it is linked to? I need to remove a linked global option from one product which was created when cloned from a product that required the global option. The option is incorrect for the cloned product. If it has not, I still feel this is something that needs to be fixed. Should be able to unlink the option and then delete it.

I am on version 2.1.3 PRO now.



Have not brought this up for a while, but now i need to remove linked global options from 250 products. Does not seem this can be done just by trying to make inactive at the product level.

Is there a way to remove the global options from specific products?