Global Options

-Is there any way to bulk remove global options from certain products?

-Can i assign a global option to certain category or subcategory and make sure it will show up everytime i add a new item.

example: I have ladies rings,mens rings and earrings

I created Ladies Ring Size (from 3 to 10), Mens Ring Size (from 8 to 13) options.

Ladies ring size will be assigned to all ladies rings, mens ring size to mens rings, and earrings will not have a size global option.

Is there anyway to create those options and make sure that proper sizing option will appear in proper categories

Hello, merarslan!

  1. As far as I can see, CS-Cart doesn't have such functionality.

  2. It is only possible to assign global options to some or all products from a certain category at one go.

    Please go to Products → Global options. Click “Apply to products” link in the bottom left corner, then click “Add product” link, choose necessary category and press Search button. You will see the list of products from this category, check products (or all products) to which you want to assign a global option and press “Add products and close” button. You will see a page with selected products, check the necessary global option box in “Select options” and press “Apply” button. Global option will be applied to the selected products.

    But if you add a new product in category, you will have to assign a global option manually again.

    Best regards, Alt-team