Global Options

I've been looking at global options and don't really understand the “apply as link” feature.

My shop will have 10,000+ items.

Some items I will have more then one of and I can sell the same item in different conditions - A grade, B grade & C grade.

So what is the best way to use options to do this ? as the options will always be the same but not apply to every item all the time, should I use the “appy as link” feature ?

When adding stock - I'm thinking this will enable me to go to a product in the admin products listing and add another to the stock amount selecting the condition that applies to that product. And that's job done except adding the image if needed.

This will save me adding a complete new product and filling in all the product data again and again.

I plan to add all existing products by import soon so need to get this right.

[url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

If you apply as a link then you can make changes to all the ones you applied as a link in 1 go.


Selling cars (product) + paint (global option as link) :

CarA = $2000 + Black Paint = $200

CarB = $3000 + Black Paint = $200

If I edit the global option and change the price of black paint; all prices update.

If I apply product options without link it will “copy one time” requiring you to update all option prices manually.

Thanks guys so if I apply this to all products;

Condition A = 100% price 80% points

Condition B = 80% price 90% points

Condition C = 50% price 100% points

That will setup a system site wide and if I make that global option as link I can change the terms of that system in one go ?

So if a have a product £10 + 1000 points I can have these option of the same product

£10 + 800 points

£8 + 900 points

£5 + 1000 points

And adding these options does involve adding a complete new product just selecting the option and adding an image for it ?

Have I got that right ?

I'll answer my own question.

Yes, not as simple as I had hoped but once they are all setup all I need to do is keeping add to the stock level when I get a new item.

Now done a test item, looks great and I'll export that and copy it to reproduce on all products.

I love cs-cart !

Ok, I got this sorted - exported all the product IDs and then imported the combinations copying the test product. Now every product has 3 options Good, average, poor (sort of) and each one is a price reflecting that quality.

This now gives me 3 choices for every product and I can work with that but I often don’t have three choices of the all the products. It would be nice if I could do the following but don’t see any config options to help;

  1. Global Option Variants - If a variant is out of stock I don’t want it to show as an option.

  2. If a product HAS options - I would like the default product image to tell the customer that. As it is at the moment I have to show one of the variant images. Would like to pick up a default image which tells the customer they need to click to see the options available. Or perhaps the watermark text could change to “options available”

    Ideas would be gratefully received and thanks for the help so far :-)

    While doing this I have reported 2 bugs, one which is fixed the other only recent but it’s helping us all in a way.