Global Options Problem

We have had a problem setting up global options since the change from 1.3.5sp4 to 2.0.+ Now at 2.0.12 and still can’t seem to apply global options. Is this function of the cart messed still?

I can add lets say color to the global options. I can then add varients, (green, blue, black)…Check off Inventory…apply as link.

I then select a product…click options tab…select Color for my global option. Next I select the colors for the product I want where it gives you the oppertunity to add product code, pics, etc. I then view the product page to see what things look like and low and behold every darn time it gives me a drop down box with every freakin color I originally put into the global options varients on the global options page. Don’t get it. So not only do I have the colors I specified but every one I put in on the global options page.

Also for the the colors I have added pics too, when you click on the color in the drop down box the product codes won’t change.

I applied as a link also. This is nothing like it used to work in 1.3.5 unless something is srewed up or I’m doing something wrong. I thought I noticed a thread about the old options from 1.3.5 would cause conflict in the new 2.0 version

Any suggestions as I have tried every way possible to construct very simple options for my products?

Thanks as always


Think I found a way but know this can’t be the intended way for this thing to work.

I set all my variants to disabled for lets say the “color” global option on the global options page. I then go to a product…options tab…set the global option to color…I don’t set as a link…edit…then select the colors I want by setting to available. Next I go to combinations and select the colors that I just made available. Add pics, product code, etc. I then go to the product page on my site and see that I have the colors intended but still the products codes won’t change when selecting a color.

By not selecting apply as a link things work but not as intended i’m sure. It works but got to be something wrong. Yet still the product codes don’t change according to the color select. Also by not selecting apply as link I loose a bit of functionality to this feature.

Any Suggestions