Global Options In 2.0.8

Text fields do not show up in exceptions. I want to make the 2 text fields inaccessible if the drop down above is set to a certain value. All the drop downs are options in the exception mode, but the text fields are nowhere to be found !

Please please please tell me there is a way to fix this :frowning:

If I am understanding this correctly, there is no way to accomplish this without modification - the software does not support options contingent on other options (e.g, Giftwrap message if gift wrap option is checked). I think there have been a few threads discussing this.

You could probably add some 'if" statements to /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/views/products/components/product_options.tpl checking for specific options to avoid the display in those specific situations. However, this would require hard coding your options.

You could add a feature request to the Bug Tracker so that a more flexible solution might be provided but you will not get short turnaround unless you are willing to pay for the mod.


Thanks Bob for your input…I am not sure I explained it correctly :oops:

All I was trying to do is if “No Engraving” is chosen from a drop down of 3 choices (for instance: no engraving, fancy engraving. block engraving) for option 3, then options 5 & 6 can be disabled. I have done this with other options, but they were not “text” fields. These fields are the only ones that do not appear for “exceptions”.

2 groupings I am using:

I make custom wedding cake toppers…and one of the options is “Musicbox”. If they choose “No Music” with that checkbox by leaving it blank, then the “tune choices” is disabled. The other is for crystal covered cake toppers. If they choose “Up to 2 colors of crystals” from the drop down, then the options 5 & 6 are disabled because they cover those toppers where the customer wants “Up to 4 colors of crystals”. If they choose the “Up to 4 colors” option, then options 5 & 6 are not disabled.

You can see them here:



The options at the bottom of the crystal castle piece is what I am trying to work with. If they leave “No Base” as their choice, then I want to be able to disable the “engraving” options below.

This store has not gone live yet…at least not with this version cart.

Sorry, I misunderstood - I read ‘inaccessible’ to mean not displayed.

The problem is that the exceptions are based on variant combinations and the text option has no variants (or essentially unlimited variants).

This would require a change in the admin so that exceptions of these types could be specified. You can see the check for types Selectbox, Radiogroup and Checkbox at line 31 in /skins/basic/admin/views/product_options/exceptions.tpl:

{foreach from=$i.combination item="c" key="k"}
[COLOR="Red"]{if ($product_options.$k.option_type == "S") || ($product_options.$k.option_type == "R") || ($product_options.$k.option_type == "C")}[/COLOR]

At a minimum, the exception code would need to be modified to use option_id for any option of type ‘Text’, ‘Textarea’ or ‘File’ when creating the exceptions (basically, you would substitute the option_id for the variant when creating the combination). Additional changes would be required in the exceptions handling in the storefront.

Perhaps some of the more intrepid coders can figure this all out but, in the meantime, I would enter a feature request into the Bug Tracker.


Thanks so much Bob…I am trying to learn the lingo & make sense at the same time :oops:

Hopefully someone will come to my, and perhaps many others, rescue with this. In the meantime I will post it as you suggested. I also have an open ticket with CS-Cart & mentioned it to the rep I have been working with.

It was just odd that the exception mode did not recognize the text areas…but the way you explained made sense.

Again…thank you immensely for your time & help :smiley: