Global options and images not showing

I have added a global option for items that indicates “color”. I uploaded a picture for one of the variants, but it isn’t showing for all my items. I’ve attached a jpg to show you. I uploaded a color sample for blue, but it doesn’t show on the second decal. Both items are using the same global option. What could be causing this?

Also, what is the difference of using the “apply as link” option for the global option?


One other thing… how do I make the image for the color smaller? I have the original image as a 15x15px image, but not matter what it enlarges it to the size in the picture.

Think of “apply as link” as a “reference” to the information. I.e. it is NOT a copy.

When that checkbox is checked, then changes to the global options are seen for each product that has it “applied as link”. Otherwise, the current options are copied to the product and changes to the global options in the future will not be seen in the products where the option was previously assigned.

All images are “thumbnails” and follow the thumbnail dimensions by default. If you want this to be smaller, you will have to modify the template directly or via a “hook”.

To change the size:

open: yourSkin/customer/views/products/components/product_options.tpl

find: object_type=“product_option” image_width=“50”

edit image_width to what ever you like.