Global Options 2.0.10 bug

When adding a product option such as color, we are encountering a problem being able to save. When hitting the save button it goes to a blank dashboard page with the words dashboard on the page. We can add the option but unable to change things like the select box, radio button, etc. Any others having this problem?

Here is the problem now with global options in 2.0.10…

When creating the global option “color” then trying to apply this option to a product we are unable to assign multiple colors to a single product. You can add the color and picture through the back-end but when viewing the web page when choosing a color, the picture for that color will not display.

I have tried every way possible to get this feature to work and just wondering if this is a problem for just us or everyone? Is this a bug? Maybe if someone could explain the proper way of setting up the global option “color” for us as I guess we’re doing it incorrectly.

It was so easy in 1.3.5. What’s the deal now?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hi, sorry my english isnt very well. But if i understand you right, you like that if a customer dial a green T-Shirt he see the green picture, and if he dial red T-Shirt he see as pic the red T-Shirt. Right?

Look at this screen

this you will find in your admin panel under option in each product.

then you see in the screen “Option combinations” take this and it work.

Please reply if all O.K

Yes I understand this, however, I think I have an issue with our installation because of the fact that we can’t seem to add the colors to our products.

Thanks for your help but I think we will go back to the drawing board.