Global Option

Apply a Global Option to a Product

  1. Go to Products → Products.

  2. Open any product details page and open the Options tab.

  3. Click the Add global option button, select the global option, and click Apply.

Many people seems to have the same headache i have with this Global Option feature, once i deleate or ammend the size or colour for one product it does it for all 1,000 products link to that option, meaning i have to manually add all options instead and when i do that a whole bunch of colour and size option are then created in the Global Options so i end up with 50 plus pages of options. The above instructions shows how to add an option without a link but the problem is there is no Add global option button in my CS Cart which is the very latest release. Can anyone shed some light on the missing button?

All options are global now. There are no more local product options

Meaning we will end up with hundreds of size and colour options as they are created by default everytime i add a new product. This is a terrible design flaw in CS Cart, imaging having 10,000 products with different options now added by default in the Global Options section?

Use features instead of options in the latest versions