Global Option To Individual Option

So I've read that "Options" are sortof being depricated in favor of "Product Variations", but has anyone quickly modified the global creation of product options to force them to still be "Individual" product options when created instead?

We have 1000's of products and the forced global option thing does not work well when we have similar options (but not exact) for products in the same product family - sometimes with 7-10 options per product, slightly different sizes and prices, etc.

I have managed to 1) export the product with the global options, 2) then swap the " SG[" with " S[" in the Options field on the spreadsheet, 3) Re-Import that product with the Options field modified via a product import, 4) Remove store_product_global_option_links in the database with the matching product_ids for the global option to remove the global options for that product (when you re-import a product that already has global options like I did above, you will then have duplicate options (one Global version and one Individual version).

Then I can clone the newly re-imported product and the options will be "Individual" on both the old product and newly cloned product and things are great once again from there.

But there has to be a faster/better way, such as maybe somehow forcing the S[ (paraphrasing the coding needed - just an idea) during product option creation or some other nifty hack... :)

Any productive thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!