Global option images. What a waste of bandwidth!

Was wondering why my website was took up so much webspace. as i wanted to do a backup it was an issue as i had to do it ftp (it was taking hours and i gave up)

On my website i have 8000 items and recently i added a global option to most of them all using the same 3 images “Buy1”, “Buy 3” and “Buy 10”. I thought great, the picture is repeated on the page so if i have 20 items it wont take any longer as their the same image.

What i found when making the backup was that each product has the thumbnail created individually for it, in the 3 sizes. a twenty product page with 3 options wasn’t downloading 20+3=23 images but 20*4=80 images. Increasing page load times and severely adding to the websites size.

I dont know if I can change the setting somewhere so this doesn’t happen.

and just letting people know of this unusual software design.


This is interesting. Just a couple of questions:

  1. What version of cs-cart do you have.
  2. Are the Global options linked or copied to your products.

    If copied, maybe it should work this way.

    If linked, then it probably should not, just reference the image in the global option.

    I started to create a “suggestion” in the Bug tracker, but maybe it is actually a bug.

    Considering I plan on using linked Global options heavily, with about 140 products using 4 or five global options at least two of them with from 10-12 images each, I could also have problems.



i’m using the latest 2.0.11

they are not linked

I just created a global with the 3 options and images to go with them, i then clicked apply to products and picked the items i wanted.ticked the global option i wanted with those products and all is fine from the front end. i was wondering why the site was so large compared to the old cart i had and it wouldn’t back up using my control panel at the server. so i started ftp ing the site. it as stuck on the image folder for ages and then i found out the problem.

Not only that but i found out the image you send up is thumbnailed which is correct, so i sent up a larger one of 600600 which is scaled to 120120. I had a look around today and found not only were there thousands of thumbnails but also thousands of images at 600*600 (all of the same 3 images) which is where the thumbnails are made from. Obviously i can reduce the imported image to the correct size 120 but geeze you’d think you’d only need the thums anyway ( i might try to delete the full size images and see what happens.)

i’ll aslo try a linked item and see how it goes.

Yep . Thanks for your reply.

I wondered what the link meant. I thought it had something to do with adding a file.

This has help me greatly as i was wondering if i wanted to change the global I’d have to apply them to all the products again.

A lot of deleting and reinstalling ahead, but time saved in the future.