Global Option Comment?

I’ve set up a global option for a gift card message for cart that I’m developing. The client would like to notify the customers about the field size limitation.

I looked through languages and found nothing there that seemed relevant. When I investigate the Global Option that I’ve created, there is a field called comment with this description beneath it:

[QUOTE]Enter your comment to appear below the option[/QUOTE]

This seemed like a likely spot to place the information, which I have done and saved. The comment is not appearing below that option, however.

Is this a bug in the software or, if I’ve chosen the wrong method of adding the info, does anyone know how this can be accomplished?

Thanks in advance!

Seems like it magically started working for no apparent reason at all. Disregard my inquiry

Did you clear the cache after you made the change to the template? If not, then that’s your magic.

Actually, no. I did not clear cache. It just began working. :slight_smile:

Will assume you did another operation that implicitly did it for you. It was probably the issue.

Never heard back after your initial email on some other issue.

Actually, you did hear back from me. I copied and pasted from the thread on importing customers and sent it in an email directly on November 13th.