Gift Registry

Anyone using the Gift Registry addon?

I’m trying to figure out whether it’s an appropriate addon for a client of mine. Of course, the documentation is useless in that it doesn’t describe how it’s used or what “events” are that are in the admin settings.

I’m assuming a registered user can add a bunch of products to their gift registry (somehow) and then somehow convey a link to this list to friends/family so someone can purchase an item for them.

How is the “registry” published/accessed by others?

Thought I’d try here first before trying to dig it out of the code…

Really wish the documentation would provide use cases or usage scenarios in describing functionality. Seems to assume that everyone has hours and hours to try things out to get they want.

Yes, that is basically how it works. Be careful - It’s pretty buggy. I’ve had problems with java script errors on certain browsers when users are trying to manage their registries. The event/registry can be public or private. Also, they idea of having to set a start and end date really bugs me. We use it for baby registries, so it would be better if people could just enter their due date. Another thing to note: if you modify or delete a product, the registry isn’t kept in sync. Feel free to take a look at ours; you can use the Search function on the right column ( -Mark

Thanks for the response Mark… It seems like it was intended to be too general for the client’s desired use (they also do baby type stuff). They are now leaning toward simply adding a link to provide access to their gift registry on Amazon.

Too bad, since Amazon will cost them so much more in selling their products.

Not sure what value a “public” registry has. Does that mean that anyone going to a site can see the registry of a registered user and buy something for them? That would seem to only be valuable for a site with only a few users (or a few active registries).