Gift Registry Problem after upgrade to 2.1.0

OK, my upgrade from 2.0.15 to 2.1.0 went fine other than the Gift Registry listing. In the following file: skins/whatever/customer/addons/gift_registry/views/events/search.tpl

you need to change




Note the missing double quote after fn_url}.

This is a pretty significant error to the gift registry addon. I don’t know how you could make changes, test and not notice the problems it caused.

Now I need to start working on a few other bugs in the addon.

thanks man! have you seen that images don’t show up in the gift registry product list when viewing as an invitee?

Also a field is missing in the list of events on search (No event name)…

If you’ve fixed either of these and could advise I would really appreciate it!


Ah ok! So it wasnt something i did myself…!

I have parties to plan for next week and my customers need to create their lists for the party attendees to buy from, im wondering if this will be fixed soon or not?

Or can someone tell me what else can be done, or do i just wait patiently?

I am running ver 2.1.1 and has the same problem on the skins/whatever/customer/addons/gift_registry/views/events/search.tpl file the " is missing after fn_url}.

Thank you brudosm for the solution! After inserting " the search of events works perfectly!