Gift Registry - FYI


I got in contact with CS-Cart asking for some modification on the Gift Registry Mod. But not as a mod for me, but something that should be implemented as design.

Once the friend access your event, choosing the products that he will buy for the Event creator, he clicks on “checkout” and gets fowarded to the login or registration form.

To me the gift registry should work in this way:

When the Event Creator sends his friend an email to purchase products for him, access his list, purchase goods and procede to checkout, he should be able to only see the Event creator information, like full name, full address in a page not editadble without logon. In this page should contain informations saying that this purchase (show Products text) will be dispatched to this address, (event creator address, shows like the full Event Creator information) then be able to finalize the purchase without register or create an account.

In this way the fiend will purchase goods to Event Creator shipping to Event Creator’s address, not worrying to whom ship to.

Even though cart administrator disable anonymous checkout, this would be the only way possible to checkout without register.

The response I received from CS is they will implement on the next release, but not in the 1.3.5.

I just would like to share with you this information.


Someone actually asked if it was possible to code a wedding gift registry, as you’ve mentioned and roughly 3 other people have expressed interest. I’m looking to get this coded soon after the next release myself, I’ll let you guys know at first chance of development costs if anyone’s interested

Thanks Jesse,

Yep this mod will be very interesting, and if is reasonable price I want to partecipate on that one


If its a reasonable price, I would also like to be involved - Please keep me posted!

please keep me posted as well.