Gift registry, anybody using it in production?

I am new, currently evaluating the product to see if I would like to purchase a license. A robust gift registry is one of the requirements, and I have a few questions for anybody who might know -

  • Is anybody using the gift registry feature in production? It seems to be a little confusing and lacking in a couple areas, and I was wondering if any of these would be simple changes that perhaps I can take a hack at myself -

  1. Start Date / End date fields. These are confusing to me, the registries I’m used to have something like “event date”. I’m really not understanding the required 2 dates and what they are used for.

  2. Required address fields for the event registrant. This would be the address that the registrant would want the gifts sent to, which would be defaulted to (but overridable) when somebody makes a purchase for that particular registry on the checkout screen.

  3. Some kind of visual indicator in the cart, the product detail page, the invoices, and across the system that a particular item was a purchase for a particular registry. For example, append “For Mary and John’s wedding registry” to the end of products in the product detail page and the cart that are for the registry…

  4. A “my registries” link on the My account area, where a logged in user can click to view and edit the registries that they own. I was very confused at first because I did not know how to get to my registry I created to edit it…

    Any other features that anyone might see that can be improved upon to make this a robust, professional gift registry?

    Thank you.