Gift Order


there is a gift addon for ask to customer on checkout page if it is a gift and the possibility to put a message?

I've seen it on Magento.


You can use our Checkout Summary Fields addon to get customer responses for gift, gender, gift wrap, gift messages, etc. It's highly customizeable to your needs. You can use input fields, textareas, radio buttons, select boxes, etc. to acquire info from your customers. The information is kept in the customer notes within the order so it's fully visible to your personnel and to the customer.


there is a demo?

No sorry. However we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy/satisfied, we'll happily refund your purchase price after you remove the software.

It's one of our oldest addons and is in use at many cs-cart sites and has been around since V2.

Docs can be found on the product detail Attachments tab or from this location. The images are from V2 or V3 but the general view/functionality is the same across all versions.