Gift options...

For the future, i’d really like options for:

gift wrapping

gift card

gift receipt…

Yep! Good Idea, especialy on checkout!

Lee Li Pop

Well, gift certificate is already a feature.

Yes mdekok3000,

A new “gift wrapping” check box option at 1 $ in cart is a good idea.

Some of my customers want this.

Is it possible to do it with a gift certificate?


Thank you mdekok3000,

Lee Li Pop

What I ended up doing was creating a hidden product called “gift wrapping” with a text box option for the card. I then created a link in my checkout page to the gift wrapping option. It works pretty well.

I would like to have the option of a packing slip with no prices. I saw a mod for this, but would like to be able to have 2 buttons, one to print a packing slip WITH prices, and one WITHOUT.

It’s on my to do list, but php is definitely NOT my strong point!

I posted a mod on the forums a little while ago for packing slips…

as for gift wrapping… can’t you just create a global option called gift wrapping, and apply it to all products?

Yes, you could indeed create a global option for Gift Wrapping as a checkbox. If checked, it will add however much you indicated to the price of the item.

I could do global options, but my customers tend to buy several items at once, so I want the whole order gift wrapped, not just one, so that’s why I did it as above.