Gift Certificate


Hope someone can help, I have suggested this to CS Cart team and they had told me they would maybe consider. When you go into the GC page and fill all fields, if you click “PREVIEW” it takes you away from the cart, can someone assist, what I would like to achieve, If you click on “PREVIEW BUTTON” it opens open the GC in a pop window?

Help is greatly appreciated.

CS Cart 4.1.2

When I click PREVIEW in v3, it opens the GC in a new tab.

You could edit the template and add target=“_blank” to the link so it opens the preview in a new instance of the browser too.

Thanks Magpie,

Would you happen to know the name of this file (tpl)?

btw target=“_blank” is another option but what I was looking to achieve is a pop-up window.


While checking the PREVIEW button in Firebug I see it has a CSS class called “cm-new-window”. That class came with CS-Cart v3 - it's in the core.js file.

The template in v3 that contains the GC PREVIEW button is:


Personally, pop-up windows are so 1999. Don't most folks block pop-ups? Displaying the image of the GC preview in the Lightbox would be compatible with more browsers - but the GC Preview is rendered on the fly, it's not really an image.

I did have to customize the heck out of the Gift Certificate so it didn't look so stupid with that white and blue cloud thing that CS-Cart puts into it.

Hello Magpie,

I understand pop ups is old. Maybe I can do it with Lightbox. Can you walk me through how to add this on:


Help is greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately there is no way to do it just changing few strings of the code.