Gift Certificate - Strange Workflow Correct Or Bug?

Well... I was testing the gift certificate addon from CS Cart Multi Vendor yesterday and I noticed something weird that I am not sure if is the correct workflow or a bug.

Let's start with a simple example, someone buy a gift certificate of $20. An order is generated in the backend with the value of $20, but when someone use the gift certificate to buy a product a new order is generated for the product with a value of $0 and the vendor receive no commission (?!?).

Now a second example. Let's say someone buys a gift certificate that includes both a free product of $40 and a value of $ 20. The total value of the gift certificate during the checkout is $ 60. A order will be generated in the backend with a value of $60 for the vendor owner of the product (?!?).

If someone use this code to redeem the free product and use the extra $20 to take another product, the owner of the second product will receive a order with value $0 and no commission (?!?). Is like if all the commission goes to the vendor owner to the product that is available in the gift certificate.

Are these workflows correct?

1. If the gift certificate has only value there is no commission to any vendor.

2. If the gift certificate has value and free product all commission that goes to the vendor of the product in the gift certificate

I am not sure if I am missing something, but I feel that these workflows are not making sense. In the first scenario no vendor will receive commission for their sales and in the second the vendor owner of the product will receive a commission for a value that can be use to acquire any product in the marketplace.