Gift Certificate & Sitemap

Fresh install of 2.0.8 with updated DB from 1.3.5 sp4

All seemed to go well, but I cannot find any access to either the Sitemap or customer purchase of Gift Certificate page

Can anyone tell me where they would be located & what the URL might be ?

Is this for the storefront? If yes, then go to Design->Quicklinks and check to male sure the items are there and active. If you are using Localizations, make sure you have the Localization set on the Quick Link.

If you need to create new items, the uRLs are:

Gift Certificate





You are my savior :slight_smile: Thank you so very much :slight_smile: I did not know the URL’s for them so I could not add or activate them. They are there now…

One other tiny question…hope you have the answer to this one…

I cannot get a banner to show up when I add one. I go through the entire procedure, but no graphic will upload. I tried everything…

Thanks again so much for helping me out :wink:

If you cannot upload, that sounds like it might be a permissions issue. Check the permissions on the directory /images/banner.


Bob…:idea: :smiley:

I am bowing…thank you thank you thank you

I have been tearing myself up for 2 days trying to do this !

Did I say “thank you” ?!? :smiley: