Gift Certificate Mod

Here are the specs to the gift certificate mod that we’ve developed with cs-cart. The mod will take 3 weeks to develop for those who are interested in going in on it. If you’re interested, leave a message. The cost will be $50. I will wait a couple of days to see who is interested and then I will respond with a paypal email to which everyone can send the money. Let me know if you have any questions.

(3 week ETA)


Customer will be able to purchase Gift Certificate to send to his friends.

Certificate fields:

  • From name
  • To name
  • Gift message
  • Gift amount ($)
  • Free products
  • Send to email

    Both administrator and customer could create the Certificates.

    Administrator may change Certificate status to Pending(by default if order with Certificate is not completed)/Active(set manually or if order status is Processed or Completed)/Used.

  • Gift certificate code would be entered upon checkout

  • Each gift certificate would have an alpha-numeric code such as FX7S98JSYN for verification purposes

  • The user would have the option to send electronically or via mail

  • Administrator would be capable of creating predefined gift certificate amounts (just like adding a product). There would be an administrative option to allow user to specify gift certificate amount.(option could be turned off by administrator)

  • Module would keep track of balances of gift certificates. So if a user has a $50 gift certificate but purchases only $25 worth of product, the balance would be kept

  • In case the gift certificate doesn’t have enough balance, the user would be prompted for the credit card to cover the remaining part of the balance

  • The gift certificate would be calculated to cover the total cost (tax and shipping,not just the cost of the product) if sufficient funds are available

I’m interested at this point, may I ask for what version of CS-CART this build/mod is being planned upon?

Reasons I ask is that 1.3.5 has been ‘mentioned’ and I’ld hate to only use it for 3-6 months

It’s being built for 1.3.4, but it will be available for the next cs-cart release

Sounds good, I’m awaiting a creditor to pay up so do you have a deadline at this point?

I would be very interested in chipping in for this mod.

Eagle Rose

I may be interested in this. What is the total cost of the mod?

depending on the cost im might get into this one as well but need to know the cost before pronouncing myself…

budjet is damn tight. :slight_smile: