Gift Certificate Mod (Last chance)

I am giving one or two more days on this for anybody that thinks they could benefit from selling gift certificates on there website. We have raised $250 of the $300 needed to build this mod. If you want in PM me and ill give you the info and my PayPal Email. (PayPal is the only way to pay for this sorry)

sorry everyone, i’ve been incommunicado the last couple months with my work and everything. I apologize for dropping the ball on the gift certificate mod, but it looks like avery has done a good job of picking it up and i’ll put down some money for it (i contacted avery)

I’m interested in a gift certificate mod. But seeing the finished work of the dynamic tabs mod I am not even gonna fork out $10 unless there is a real quality team testing the final product before release.

With that needs to include a real specification to avoid a cr*ppy mod.

ok we have enough for the mod thank you, everybody who supported this.

Any word on this mod??? I am looking for this mod right now (but am patient)… Would be interested to find out where it is at! AND more than willing to contribute!!

Gift Certificates are in 1.3.5

This mod was created and release a couple of months ago, it was for version 1.34 sp3 only. CS-Cart has incorporated this mod into the 1.35 release.

I have a copy of the mod for 1.34 sp3. Since I helped pay for it, but since it would only work on 1.34 sp3 and above, and I use sp2, I could not use it. Bummer - oh well.