Gift Certificate Issue

I changed the gift certificate minimum to $25 in the add-on settings and saved it but when my customers try to add a gift card less than $50 they get an error that the amount is too small. How do I fix this? I followed all the steps here but I could not get certificates below $50 to work:

addons → gift certificates → “Minimum Order Value”

Same problem here except that I tried to input $5.00 as minimum order value (instead of $25) but when I go to create a gift certificate and input 5 it tells me: Amount should not be higher than 200.00 and less than 25.00

25.00 is still also displayed as default radio button checked…and also in the drop down list next to it…there is no indication of $5 as value there…it is like the database is not even accepting the changes made through the gift cartificates addon edit menu…

any suggestion?