Gift Certificate email not arriving

I’ve got the cart set up to communicate with user on statuses but this same user is trying to buy a gift certificate and that email is not being delivered to the recipient.

I’m using the PayPal sandbox to test this transaction and can see the buyer account being decremented and the business account being incremented in the right amounts. The user receives a notification that their order has been processed.

How do I set up CS-Cart so the system will send email to the recipients?

Don’t think the cart receives the “PAID” callback when using the sandbox. And I don’t think the GC is sent until payment is confirmed. What is the status of the order in your store?

Ok. I got the gift certificate email. For those of you who are not totally familiar with the PayPal Sandbox testing process, you must go into the business account and accept the payment under review which will complete the order and allow the rest of the process to work.

So much to learn … so little time. :slight_smile: