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I am very new to CS-Cart. My developer is getting below problems…

We have integrated with CCAvenue payment gateway…

  1. If order is get failed from payment gateway (either by credential or anything), it come back to order page but can not retain cart, I mean all added items deleted from cart.

  2. How to retain same cart with new order id because if we try to click on proceed to pay again, ccavenue payment gateway says that it is duplicate orders.

    Is there any function to get new order id ? Where ? & how to call it

  3. Once order is failed then also customer can search that order, and that order is displayed with some “Pay Order” button below it. If we click on “Pay order” then it will redirect to ccavenue pg with “Duplicate Orders” but still customer get mail for successful order… :(

    Please guide me how to resolve such problems or provide me some developer documents for handling payment process…

No one ??


In order for me to help you i need to see the php file, please PM me and will continue from there


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Generally a timestamp is appended to the order_id

Please find atached php file sire


Hi Tbirnseth,

Developer used to do that but problem is… when order store in my database is what cs-cart has created but order what pamentgateway store is that with TimeStamp…

for e.g. order store @ my database is 45

But on PG it is as 45AB we sent…

He does not understand how to store same order id return by payment gateway on the website if order is successful.

And in case of order is unsuccesful then what to do to generate new order id to ignore duplicate order error on PG.

Is there any work flow how CS-Cart create order id and once order is successful/failed then how it store in database ??

You don't need to store the psuedo-order_id you are sending. Look at as an example.

Another good example can be the paypal.php file.

If there is an integration API and ability to test it you can contact us here and we will examine it.

which cs cart version?


I have same problem, I need new order id after failed transaction,otherwise system return duplicated order_id, I looked autorizenet_aim.php but I could not find useful knowledge,in addition I could not find [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif] in payments directory.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]how can I take new order id after unsuccessfull transaction?[/font][/color]

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for version 4.01

Hi do you solve your problem.?

I need to integrate cc avenue with latest version of cs-cart Can any body help .,?