Getting Google Checkout Errors suddenly

Store has been running without issue for around a year. All of a sudden I am now getting errors from Google checkout saying that it couldnt communicate with my script for notification.

The page is at /payments/cc_processors/google_checkout_response.php however if I access it via the browser it loads albiet with the message “GCR: Failed to parse incoming XML data”

Has anyone else had this issue or can help explain what is wrong?



I am having this same issue. Did you find out what the problem was?

I’m having this problem too.

We’ve been using Google Checkout for months, with no difficulties, but there are now problems with cs-cart not receiveing the Google Checkout response.

The error we see is…

We encountered an error trying to access your server at https://www.ourshop’s – the error we got is Remote host closed connection during handshake

I’ve tried rolling back our server to a backup from several months ago, but this doesn’t resolve the problem, so it is not caused by changes at our end. Also, there are no problems with our SSL certificate.

I’d be over the moon if anyone can help.

I am having similar issues with Google Checkout - getting this error: Received fatal alert: bad_record_mac

Has anyone had any progress with this?

Here is a reply I received from Google some time ago while it really didn’t help me…

"Determining the cause of 500 errors can sometimes be tricky. What the error usually entails is that server ran into some kind of error and closed the connection with a “failure signal.” This signal is sometimes generated by unexpected values within your code or a fatal error on the server side. The problem is, 500 errors can by caused by many things. One suggestion I have is to set up a log to try track down any potential places for errors within your PHP code.

Although debugging CS-cart’s functionality is outside the realm of my expertise, I will be glad to help if any new information arises."

Well, I didn’t get any other help from them and miraculously we stopped getting these errors. All I did was contact our host, google and cs-cart and report the issue.

thread located here [URL][/URL]

Thanks for the reply fenwick, did your host ever tell you what the issue was? I have also contacted google and our host, but they are unsure of what the issue is.

Any help would be appreciated.