Getting "Error ocurred" message after re-installation

Hi there,

I have recently purged my old installation of CS-Cart so I could start on a clean slate (recently migrated servers as well).

I have installed the latest version from my client panel and after that, I have imported back my theme and the database (exported from the store admin panel first).

Everything seems to be fine except when I try to log into the store front as customer, or “Act on behalf of” I just get a message that says “Error ocurred” on a white page.

Can anybody help with this?

That means you have a database error. You can enable database error logging in Admin/Logs to see what’s happening.

You must ensure that all the pieces you are using are all from the same version. If not, start with the earliest version and then upgrade.

This is what I’m getting from the logs

Error: Unknown column ‘users_conditions_hash’ in ‘where clause’ (1054)

Query: SELECT count(*) FROM cscart_promotions WHERE status = ‘A’ AND zone = ‘catalog’ AND users_conditions_hash LIKE ‘%,9,%’


(server path here)store/httpdocs/core/fn.database.php (db_error): 310

(server path here)store/httpdocs/core/fn.database.php (db_query): 132

(server path here)store/httpdocs/controllers/customer/init.php (db_get_field): 26

(server path here)store/httpdocs/core/fn.control.php (include): 567

(server path here)store/httpdocs/core/fn.control.php (fn_run_controller): 422

(server path here)store/httpdocs/index.php (fn_dispatch): 28

I have added back the “users_conditions_hash” column in table “cscart_promotions” and it works correctly now.

You should determine the root cause of the problem or you’re going to be chasing issues as they surface and you will never get to a point of stability. Just a suggestion.

What other tables have faults that you haven’t detected yet?

Actually, I’ve been looking at the logs ever since I had that problem just in case, and had several purchases since then. I haven’t seen any other errors.