- tracking parameters

Can anyone help me with the Order Amount and Order ID parameters specific to CS-Cart which I need to use in this tracking code? I have attached a screenshot.


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 12.08.42 PM.png

{$} = order amount

{$order_data.order_id} = order ID

This would be on the checkout.summary page.

Great thanks very much!

Make that 'order_info' rather than 'order_data'

This is for version 3.0.3, does that still apply?

I recently integrated GetPrice for an Aussie user, this is how I did it…



In order_confirmation.override.tpl, use this code:-



Ensure the 'My Changes' addon is enabled. Works in both V2 and V3 (one of the rarities where the hook name is the same!).

Like how you re-designed the Vendor Admin panel, looks nice…

Can you share who upgraded that page for you so i can do the same on my site ?