Get Product Data From Id

Greetings everyone,

Its been a long time since I moved from CS-Cart, and I am trying to start using it again lately but having some issues here. I am creating a function in my_addons/func.php which will return some data, and currently I only have the product ID that I want to fetch data from. Is there a function that I can pass the product ID and it will return me all the details relating to it?

Although after searching the web and the forums for a lot of hours, I was unable to find any answer to this very simple question which I find it very odd.

I found some pages refering to fn_get_product_date($productid) but this returns false when I tried it, any ideas please?

To conclude, if you have any knowledgebase or php functions of cs-cart that I can refer to whenever I have questions like that, please I would really appreciate it if you post it bellow.

Best regards and thanks in advance for looking into my query,


$product_data = fn_get_product_data($product_id, $auth);

$auth will determne what data is returned based on admin, customer, vendor, etc. It is usually pulled from $_SESSION['auth'] if you want to apply it to the currently logged in user.