Get Manufacturer


First of all i would like to state that my i am working on CS-CART: version 2.2.5 PROFESSIONAL.

I want to make a modification on my website, and display the manufactorer name next to the weight.

For example this product:


You see bellow the title, there is CODE: and Weight: . I want to add a manufacturer: TP-Link for example there too. If you go on “More Details” tab there is a manufacturer name, but i also want to put it bellow the weight too.

From my search so far i must put the code in product_data.tpl but what i must insert? i tried {$product_manufacturer_name} etc but none work, some even broke my website…

Thanks in advance,





not sure if there is a smarty variable for that however…

Hm, well any idea then how can i get it?