Get a speaking character

I got a free sitepal character at this url:


It’s only for a limited time so HURRY! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a link to mine: [URL][/URL]

After registration cann’t download.

Nice email collecting site…:rolleyes:

Bravenet is a veeery slow site on all browsers.

Here’s how I did it.

Sign up at bravenet.

Click “Get your speaking character”

Click “Continue”

Click “Get it free”

Wait a while for page to load.

Sign up for sitepal basic.

When signed up and at the “Welcome” page, click “Enter”.

Here you can setup your character.

Also you only get two characters. 1 boy. 1 girl. You can customize their looks though.

After you finish making your character, publish it for a code.

Place this code wherever to get your SitePal in use.

Thank you Matt.

I don’t uderstand why I must register 2 times.

that is one of the top most annoying things on a web page ever, if someone wanted to listen to someone talk they’d pick up the phone and call, anytime I visit a site with one of those obnoxious characters I immediately block it so I never have to visit the site again…

Well that’s one person’s opinion.

Also, you don’t have to listen to these. They don’t start talking when the page loads. You have to click on them to get them to talk.

at the worlds webmaster conference they said this is one of the biggest no no’s in web design…

[quote name=‘mdekok3000’]You have to click on them to get them to talk.[/quote] Where can I click to stab? LOL

Nice mind Matt :smiley:

For some reason my character started talking on his own. I used to have to click on him.

Anyway, sno, just experimenting around with different website addons.