Get a smarty field using php

I am new to smarty and I am having some issues…

I wrote a custom PHP code but what I would like to do is get a products description on my PHP page.

I see in smarty it is easy to do with by doing this: {$product.full_description}

But the problem is my page is not written in smarty, its written in PHP.

So does anyone know how I might call this field using PHP?



is there a pre-written function to access a field in the database?

or is there a way to delcare a smarty field as a php field?

like {$product.full_description} = $blah ?

nevermind, i was able to figure it out myself.

I did this in case anyone has a similar problem:


{assign var=proddesc value=$product.full_description}


$desc = $this->get_template_vars(‘proddesc’);



Thanks for updating this with the solution tfish… I was looking for the same answer! :smiley: