Generatng Custom URL Friendly URLS


We are currently evaluating CS-CART. We are wondering how we can overide the the existing URL's being generated into a new custom format?

Any advice on this?

Currently we are suing the CS-CART SEO module, which works great

we see if we do

we see all the lipsticks category, however the generated URL's are not that way.

The URL's being generated are still


which then creates a redirect


which does not return the proper results.

We are using NGINX web server however we think its a CS-CART configuration issue.

We are currently using cs-cart 4.0.2 on a localhost running NGINX, PHP-FPM

Thanks for any ideas.

We are ready to purchase a full license once this feature is resolved for us.


(We dont think its a bug, we just think its a setting we have not found somewhere)