Generating Orders Without Calculating Shipping

We have a case where we'd like to generate orders in batches, but not call any realtime shipping methods since these particular orders are all using the same non realtime shipping method. It looks to me like they're being requested in `fn_calculate_cart_content`

Any ideas on how to avoid this part of the calculation? If I don't get a response here, what is the recommended path to get an answer? Do I need to buy a support thread from SIMTech?

Try to set 3rd parameter of this function to S

// calculate_shipping:
// A - calculate all available methods
// E - calculate selected methods only (from cart[shipping])
// S - skip calculation

Yes, I don't think that setting has any meaning. Check this thread over here:

I have confirmed that if I take a cachegrind profile, whether we are passing A, E or S there are still multiple calls to RealtimeServices::getRates()

Al alternative try to use the calculate_cart_items in the fn_calculate_cart_content function and set $cart['calculate_shipping'] to false

Ok, yes that does seem to work. Thanks for the tip

Ok, yes that does seem to work. Thanks for the tip

Thank you for keeping us updated