Generate custom letters to download?

I have absolutely no clue on how to title this thread. I’m not even sure if this can be done but they say nothing is impossible so here goes…

I would like to implement a feature into CS-Cart where details submitted into the product options of a particular product would appear on a personalized pdf generated form.

I bet that made no sense. :smiley:

O.K., so I’ve been to sites before where you submit let’s say your name and address and hit “generate” and the site pulls up a form where the same name and address you supplied appear on the generated form in the right place (the address and name part). The rest of the form can then be printed out and filled in as desired.

I wish I saved a link. I’m trying to find one of those sites again.

I’m looking to have something like this set up with CS-Cart… Instead of forms, I want to create generated letters where my customers submit things like names of individuals, addresses, random details, etc, then add to cart, and all of those details will appear on the final letter which they can pay to download.

I’m going to have different types of letters (100’s of categories, 100’s of letters) but the basic principle of how it works would be the same.


“I went to the beach in the (SEASON) of 1995”

The custom in the product options would have a drop down menu of “SUMMER, SPRING, WINTER or FALL”

They choose WINTER

The final generated letter will read, on the particular paragraph in question:

“I went to the beach in the winter of 1995”

No, I’m not selling letters about going to the beach. :wink: BUT this same sort of set-up is what I’m hoping to achieve. I would also like the coding implemented in the Admin section, so I can apply a basic format to all my products like SEASON equals the results of a drop down menu of SUMMER, SPRING, WINTER or FALL or DATE is the TEXT OPTION of “DATE”. :confused:

I know this may end up being a HUGE project, but I’m looking for some advice on how possible this might be and what sort of programming it would entail, if I ask around for help or try to buy the services of CS-Cart or an outside source to achieve this.

I know this might seem silly but I’m marketing this service in a way that I feel it might be very successful.