Generate automatic e-mails for tracking numbers?

Is there anyway to possibly have cs cart generate e-mails for tracking numbers to be sent out when the order has been processed?

Most sites that process credit cards have orders set to Processed when the transaction completes (default). You could probably add info to the Invoice that is conditional upon the order status being “C” (complete) and then enable email for the client for the Complete (C) status.

“New shipment”

Send shipment notification to customer?

I “think” he wanted this automated on a status change, but hard to tell. But that would make sense to do it when you enter the tracking info.

Yeah, there are alot of different ways to go about this all depending upon which carrier is used along with which programs are actually used to process the shipments.

However, Yes, by utilizing the “Shipments” feature built-in to CS will provide the individual shipment tracking number along with alot more, such as the actual carrier used, and exactly how many of each item within the order was actually included in the shipment.

If you also ship via US Postal for Priority Mail, etc, then you can email tracking numbers for these shipments thru the actual program used to generate the shipping label, Endicia Dazzle, etc.

We now just utilize the “Shipments” feature in CS for all shipment communications to our customers so it is all handled in a single place.

The only real issue I have found with the built-in Shipments functionality is there is no way to select the actual date the shipment was made, a configurable Shipment Date needs to be added to the process to provide more accurate shipment details to the customer.

It would be nice if there were an invoice template where the shipment information would be available if the shipment is created before changing the status.

That way if the customer is notified the shipment information is available on the invoice.

Nothing preventing you from adding it… It’s just a mail template and could be done conditional upon the data being present.