General Search Questions and Linking Directly to Search Results

Hi all, I searched for this, but came up empty. My page is informational as well as a store, so I want to have some links on my informational pages that take users to search results from my store.

The other problem is I sell music that often has very similar names and many sequels, so searching in general is problematic. I tend to get unwanted results because the titles of the albums are so similar.

As an example, say you had an album called “Stargate II Soundtrack.” It would be easy enough to search for this, but even if you do the advanced search that only searches your specific string, you still get results like “Stargate III Soundtrack” and “Stargate VII Soundtrack,” etc. Unfortunately, this is a pretty big issue in my situation. Are there characters I can enter in the search box to limit it to only exactly what I’m searching for? Or is there some hack I can implement to do this?

My other question is, is there a way to link directly to the results of a search string? If so, how?

Thanks in advance!