General Guidelines For Responsive Theme Design

We are getting our site redesigned for the latest version of CS-Cart. First thing is we are gettin the PSD design ready.

What should we suggest our site designers (they will only be designing ) as guidelines to follow for the design like the width, max width, height, columns, text layout etc so that the PSD design is compatible for coding as a responsive theme?

Use as few graphics as possible, instead rely on css capabilities.

NEVER include text in graphics due to language constraint.

Any images you do use should be scalable without loosing content or impression.

If mobile devices are a big consideration for you, then the basic rule is “Design for mobile” and let desktop be the exception. A mobile look on a desktop can be acceptable, but many times a desktop view on a mobile device is not.

But if your designers are worth their salt, then they know all of this already.