General advice: processor vs IO


I drilled down my choice to two shared hosting plans. All things being equal, what do you think should I choose…hosting A allows 2 cpu cores while hosting B uses full SSD drives.

I'm using 2.2.4 Multivendor with 2,000 products (will grow to 5,000), 100 categories, traffic is slow right now (less than 100 visits/day).

what's your opinion based on experience?

Thank you!


The SSD will make a big difference in loading the OS and improved load times for programs. It will NOT speed up in-program performance. However, if the scripts you are going to use are resource intensive, you need a good CPU.

Also it deppends on how many accounts are hosted on the shared server and what kind of content they are using. Anyway I wouldn't go with a shared hosting if you want to use the Multivendor version, also 5,000 products in 100 categories is not as little for a shared server.

Thanks! I think I'll go for the plan with more CPU