GDPR addon label missing?

We recently added the gdpr addon and mostly everything is working fine, but on the customer profile page when a customer clicks on one of the buttons (send/remove my info/data) there seems to be a label that isn’t shown/translated correctly:

The ‘label’ says _type_comment, but I can’t seem to find where to make it show the correct text.

I’ve looked at translations, I’ve gone to the gdpr.po file i’ve looked at the template files and controller files, but am at a loss where to find this specific part.
Maybe it’s an error in the addon?

I don’t know what the exact translations are originally but the header text basically says “Send my my data” or “Send me my info” and the other text basically translates to:

We will send you an XML file with all your personal data that we have. Please note that we need some time to process this request, so the e-mail with your XML file will not be sent immediately. If you have any comments about your request, please leave them in the field below.

I found it on the clean installation

Thank you, that was the thing I needed to fix it.

I was missing that specific language variable, I only had “type_comments_here”, but not “type_comments”, I added it and now it’s working as intended.

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