Gateway for St George bank Australia

My client ( is banking w St George - [url][/url] and CS Cart does not support it.

I was wondering if anyone has hooked up CS Cart with St George and if anyone may point me in the right direction with how to do this?

Many thanks in advance to all.


I’m pretty sure that eway supports StGeorge through they’re own payment gateway, at this time there is no support for StGeorge at this time

(I bank with them)

I haven’t looked this, but could you use eway as a payment processor? And it would cost extra

we did some shopping around and we had a look into Westpac (which IS supported by CS Cart).

Kogi, you are right, the St George + Eway combo would have just cost too much.

Turns out that Westpac’s admin and processing fees worked out heaps cheaper than St George (particularly if you factor in the US$400 that CS Dev team quoted me to link the cart w St George)

Seems that all their broken promises of new add-ons are a result of them cleaning up on probably the hundreds of little requests such as mine.

(or am I being too cynical)?

cheers guys