Future template designs

Having looked through the forum, a number of services i feel are lacking and pop up quite often.

One of the many topics is about skin design, so with this in mind i have hopefully a couple of hous a day that i should be able to knock a few up (if only it were that easy). Given the time involved in such a project i would like to do a bit of market research by way of being pointed towards favourable designs.

It takes time to do nice skins and i don’t want to waste it, so if any of you can point me in a direction of what would be considered ’ fit for most ’ then i will choose the most popular themes and get to work, though not straight away.

If i only get a few replys then i will wait a while or even knock it on the head, as i would oply be wasting my time i think.

Anyhow all links to good templates will be followed up by me and logged. I will also post the results in this post as to which types are getting the most requests.

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As I understand it you ‘create’ templates.

What are your approximate price ranges for individual pieces?

I looked at your site however I’m sure they’re multiple license skins?


If i understand you correctly you are talking about a ‘b-spoke’ template that you would own.

I am unsure if this is the correct area to tote for work as the initial post was never meant to generate work, but in answer to your question it all depends on your exact requirements? If you have any designs that you like the look of then let me know and i can advise accordingly, just remember though some designs would not lend themselves to CS-Cart to well, thought such designs can be done the amount of hard coding can sometimes go beyond the rediculis, PHP is one thing and Smarty is another. If only all things in the world where equal ah !

CS-Cart have a habit of adding lots of mods and changing this and that and i cannot see a stable cart version yet, which is a real pain as i understand they are moving away from smarty to css and xhtml just to throw a spanner in the works.

xhtml is a lot strictor than html as you probally know and you can often take a whack for it if the cart is upgraded, converting a smarty cart to xhtml and css would not really be worth the cost either.

But based on the current version (sp3) if you gave me some idea then i could always get back to you.

Please be aware that i am currently snowed under for about 5 weeks at the moment and turning more away than i would like to, and thats just on CC let alone CS-Cart adding to it.

I really hate CS-Cart for one reason, and thats that it did not make itself known to me sooner. All my eggs into one basket comes to mind ?

Anyhow you can enquire via a support ticket on my site or PM me as i do not want slapped wrists. :rolleyes: Support link is www.support.demontemplates.com.



As far as I know, they are not moving away from Smarty (I wish). They are converting HTML templates to XHTML/CSS templates.

Smarty has nothing to do with it since it’s the template engine and not the HTML code.

I would love CS-Cart to drop Smarty completely. Since you can achieve everything with simple PHP or make your very simple template engine replacing {$variables} with str_replace. It would speed up the cart by thousands.

If you can learn Smarty, you can learn the very basics of PHP that will do the exact same thing.

This keeps cropping up, Where does it say they are dropping smarty ?

Do people know something we dont ?

An xhtml / css template is being made in Smarty… but as Zyles says, these are un-related… xhtml will not replace smarty…as thats the template engine used throughout the cart

Template files are essential to keep underlying code untouched, however this can be achieved without smarty and still allow templates to be “bolted on”

Thank you for clearing up this point and sorry if i mis-understood.