Funny url names eg .html#.UMcp5aXq_A4


Having an issue that some urls are adding a tracking code after the .html part



any ideas to what might be causing it?


just to note, 3.04 ultimate edition

Disable tracking in the AddThis code. If you haven't got AddThis installed, then call 911 (Joking. Don't really do this part).

Surely this would only be for people who link or share via add this code?

Other websites i’ve used addthis on have done it before?

plus the URLs look ugly :(

The AddThis module causes a tracking code to be appended to the URL. In my experience, some browsers show it in the URL bar, but not all do. It is 100% the AddThis tracking which is causing this. You can still use the AddThis feature, just don't use the tracking unless you want to live with the ugly URL's. If you decide to live with it, you might want to look into a canonical URL fix.

yeah i removed the tracking line, and all is much better now, thanks for the help, i'll resort to google for the tracking…