Functionality Difficulties When Using Variations


I would like to ask a few questions related to the variations.

I've stumbled upon a few difficulties when using this option.

For example:

There is a product with different features, let the first be Size and the Second for example Flavour.

One product has 5-6 sizes and 5-6 flavours, for the sizes, I choose to view as a separate product and for the flavours as the same product and its OK, the system generates separate products with the flavours.

The problem here is that I have another set of products with entirely different sizes and flavours and have to create another Features with the same names (Size and Flavour).

If using the same Features there are a lot of products generated in the end and I have to delete the ones I don't need and it is a very big mess when the list with flavours expands.

The issue here is that it is not possible to choose between Features after creating a product, actually it is possible ONLY for one feature, for example I can choose only the sizes I need, BUT I can not choose the flavours I need!?

Why? This is a must-have functionality.

Actually in the end I have a very big list with the same features, as I mentioned above, Size and Flavour.

At this moment I create for almost every product features with the same names, but with different content to avoid the generation of countless unnecessary products.

I don't think it is a good decision but it makes things easier.

The second difficulty comes when I have a feature with only one option in the content list, for example, a box with 21 packs.

In order to use variations option I have to add a fake option in the content list, for example 22 packs, and after creating the variations I have to delete the product with 22 packs!?

The older feature Product options would be suitable but it is already inactive, so I would like to use easier the variations option.

Also, sometimes at the moment we have only one option in the content list, but later we can change features and add another option in the variations content.