Full Site Backup (Including Files)


I'm coming from Joomla, where there is an awesome addon named “Akeeba backup” which can backup the entire site (database + files) in a single file with just a click.

I did a little research about Cs-cart and only found information about database backup.

I am wondering if there is an easy solution to backup the entire site (database + files).

EZ Admin Helper addon can do this for you automatically from a cron job. However, the two operations are separate but since it's automatic it really doesn't matter.

I'd suggest setting it up to:

DB backup - daily

Site backup -weekly or monthly depending on how stable your site is

Monitor files - daily

Clear logs - monthly with setting to retain 30 days of logs

Clear cache - depends on your individual needs. I never clear my cache, but some like to do it once a week or so.

If you have a large site, you probably want to have the DB backup, Site backup and Monitor files activity run at separate times during the night. Probably spread about 2 hrs apart.

As alternative, you can use our Simple Admin Helper add-on