Full Search no working, need help please

Hello, my site is no working on full search, it only works on instant search, but once the button is hit for full search results, the results are usually zero.

Second issue with search: The very few queries where some items are shown in the search results, they are usually irrelavant since it keeps searching in the product page, how can we make it search only in the product title?

Can someone tell me what kind of settings you have to apply in order to show relevant results in the search results page? does the instant search influences the full search results? perhaps something is stuck in the code?

By the way, I have reindex and also clear cache every time. I have a screenshot of my settings.

All help is appreciated. Thanks~



I would like to add to this request: How to search Only the Product name and search words listed in the Product Details page. I don't want to include short or long description, which I think the search does… Any way to do this?



Agree with Bob, I'm not sure if is a configuration issue or a more complex setting but I have tried almost all I can think of an still my search results are no good, I have no sales because of this, please help