Full Multivendor Translation - Fr & De

Hello all,
We are building a new marketplace based on Multivendor v.4.11 that is supposed to be in 3 languages - English, French, and German. I have started to look into the last 2 and noticed that French
and German language packs are incomplete and quite a bit of work is needed to finish everything up.
I presume that we are not the only Multivendor users using the French and German languages and I am hence wondering whether anyone can supply full language packs for these 2 languages. Paid or unpaid.
Moveover, if there is any other multi-language marketplace owner who is willing to trade, do not hesitate to let me know. I will be subsequently willing to make the packs available to the community.
Thank you in advance!

Please read the following post


Thanks for the reply! I have seen the acticle and connected websites. Unfortunately, even the referenced "best" translations are causing foreign text being shown to customers while browsing through and interacting through the website. Hence, my request for a complete translation of the front and back ends. I have started to translate the missing pieces through built-in interfaces, which is OK, but takes quite a bit of time.

So you can help CS-Cart to complete the transaction. As far as I remember, they offer bonuses for such help


I dont really understand crowdin' . if i translate some content . when will it be accepted , by who and when will it be live on the back end?

For instance on the vendor and admin panel accountancy is spelled wrong 'contabilité' instead of comptabilité.

I need to know how long it takes the system to accept thr translation

Thank you for your help !

Please contact CS-Cart support team at Help Desk with this question

Hello i have complett German Translate (selfmake)