Full List

Hi All

I have a problem when trying to view Full List of items when trying to view more items for sale when I click on Full List it doesnt work all that happens is the Loading starts and that’s all.

Please can some one help or explain why this isn’t working I have tried it on both IE7 and FireFox.




Hasn’t anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening.


Sounds to me like some server limits may not be high enough to support the loading of the full list.

Just a though, maybe cs-cart can’t access pagination.

Try to remove the .htaccess file from /core/ and see if it makes a difference.

Posting your server environment will assist you more

I’m afraid it’s a bug in the newest version. I have the same problem, and also with the language file. When opening the language file in the admin, and choosing “Full list” in the drop down menu, I get a message “Loading”, but nothing happens. My old CS-cart installation (version 1.3.4) works fine. It’s on the same server and even same domain (I’m in the progress of upgrading the shop). And even the demo on the CS-Cart site has the same bug…