Full Description Shows Up Twice On Product Page.

For some reason the text that is in the full description box when setting up a part shows up in the description tab and also up and to the right of the product image on the product page. Why would it do that?

How can I put smaller or different description text to the right of the image and keep the full description in the tab? You would think that the short description would go the right of the image, but the short description only shows up on the category page in list view, no where on the product page. Strange.

It should not show up twice. Please see image. Can someone please help me with this?

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Hi Hucklebuck,

I am new to the forum and more entrepreneurial than code minded but try to help!

One option, could be to go into edit said product and disable description from the product tabs.

Whats very frustrating is that as far as I know, you can't edit the tabs at edit product level. - (edit/delete seems to be grey'd out on mine)

So the only option my skils can suggest is to disable the description tab.

You can do this directly in edit product, per product. However if you have lots of products and want it removed from all tabs, you can go into Design > Product Tabs and globally switch off description there.

I completely understand why you would want a mini description at the top and a long SEO packed description at TAB level however my skills could not determine how easy or possible that is.

Edit: There is a work around I personally use, I have no amazing skills but have found useful workaround.

This can be setup so that you can display whatever text you like next to the product and only have the long description come up in Product Tabs.

It requires to create a new block template for products, but once you do it once, it can then be applied to whichever products you set it to.

In Design > Blocks

You can +Add Location and create a bespoke/cusom view product or product using the dispatch drop down (ignore the meta description etc as it's just a template)

Name the location as custom product page layout, once saved this will then be found at the top as a tab along with 'Default, 404, Categories etc'

If you click on the created tab it will highlight in blue with a clog at the right hand of the tab. Click the clog.

In here you can click on categories and include which products should be displayed using this layout.

Click save, and back to the block layout screen with your custom product tab selected.

Now with regards to the layout, I would follow this Block Pixel explainer to understand how grids and blocks are sized. (Focus on 16 Column Grids for full width pages)

You can ignore the blocks for both header and footer (it will use your default layout/content/logos that appear on the rest of the site)

Now focus on the middle content, which will most likely be blank on adding a new location.

Bottom left of a grey panel in the blank template, you should see a plus and a clog.

Create New Grid > Make the Grid 16 > In the New Grid - make two grids sized 6 and size 10

This should be a good start on adding a product call and on the right, simple HTML where you can have an 'insert text'.

You will need to then go into each edit product and go to Blocks.

In Edit Product > Blocks, if you have added the selected product in your custom template, you should have the size 10 html spot to place your short description manually.

Your long description should be in tabs but obviously not displayed on your custom layout page.

I have only experimented with this at Category level which is working for me as I need to differenciate between Service type products and Product products.

I am hoping that custom templates work for products too. I have not proven it, but have seen products in the +Add Locations so 99.99% sure this is a step in the right direction to having short description up top, and long exclusively in tabs.

A spot of code might do the trick but I don't think anyone would want to tamper with the global default code instead of making a custom layout.

I have a world of questions, if theres any thing you can help me with let me know!

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